Upcoming Events! (2023)

BJs with AJ: A Fellatio Workshop

Back by popular demand! In-person at Club Privata PDX

September 8th @ 7 pm – 8:30 pm 


HEADS UP! Are you a giver who wants to blow your lover’s mind with your incredible oral sex skills? Are you a receiver who wants to learn how to communicate your fantasies and help your partner have fun and be comfortable while going down? Then come one, come all! This is a blowjob class for everyone!

Amory Jane will talk about anatomy, blowjob positions, teasing, mouth and tongue techniques, what to do with your hands, and how to ask for what you want. She will cover sloppy BJs, deep throating (hello throat orgasms!), and playing with power dynamics. She will also share ideas on making oral sex more stimulating and pleasurable for the giver and dealing with issues such as TMJ or neck pain. This workshop includes a live demo! 😈🌶️

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Sex & Psychedelics: Erotic Empowerment, Expansion, and Connection

October 18 @ 6 pm – 7:30 pm PDT

$15 – $25

“Both sex and psychedelics are ultimately about consciousness, about self discovery, and going beyond everyday reality to that magical place — somewhere over the rainbow, where we feel Divine.” —Annie Sprinkle

James Belle and Amory Jane

Join sex educators and legal psilocybin facilitators Amory Jane and James Belle Guest for an exciting new workshop! Sex, BDSM, and psychedelics may all be used to help us tap into our erotic power and expand our sense of self and relationship with others. Combining altered states may accelerate or intensify effects and sensations, and lead to profound ecstatic states, but there are many things to consider before diving in!

James and AJ will cover: the history of sex and psychedelics, basic brain science and non-ordinary states of consciousness, the importance of set and setting, and potential benefits, risks, and side effects. We will also discuss consent and ethics, accessing altered states through BDSM, and how psychedelics may help us with body image, sexuality, gender expansiveness, relationships, erotic empowerment (connecting to both our own and collective erotic power), and more!

This class will be held LIVE online via Zoom — Zoom links are sent out 3 days prior and then again 1 hour prior to start time. The class will NOT be recorded. Registration deadline: 1 hour prior to class Pacific. No day-of cancellations.

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