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Oh, hello there.

I have a podcast. It’s called Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane.

New episodes will be released every other Thursday right here on this blog. The podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher. Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane is a geeky, feminist take on sex, kink, and culture. This sex-positive podcast from educator and comedic storyteller, Amory Jane, will cover a variety of topics, such as porn, non-monogamy, BDSM, gender, and sex in pop culture.

Have a listen!

Episode 11: Trans Sex and Sexuality features a very educational interview with Brettley Mason about sex toys, being non-binary, navigating dysphoria, and safer sex for trans folks. Our 11th episode also includes a lively and personal conversation with Aurora and Intern Courtney about porn, butts, and being pro-slut.


Episode 10: Intergenerational Relationships (“Cougars”) Our tenth episode is on the topic of intergenerational romantic relationships – or significant age differences between partners – and the unique considerations, benefits, and issues that tend to come up in these relationships. We’ll hear from The Date Maven, Suzanna Mathews, author of Revising Mrs. Robinson – a book that dives into ageism, sexism, and the “cougar taboo.” We’ll also hear from sex & disability educator and advocate Robin Wilson-Beattie about the intersections of age, race, and disability when dating polyamorously.


Episode 9: Live from the Femme Sex Party! Okay, I admit that live is a tad misleading. While Intern Courtney and I did throw a femme sex party and recorded it, we decided against broadcasting live. It was a very intimate night and we wanted to allow that to unfold naturally, without having to feel anxious about having a live audience. But don’t worry my precious listeners, we share plenty of real intimacy, sexy noises, and unedited audio straight from the party. SPOILER ALERT: This episode ends with me having an orgasm. NSFW.


Episode 8: Sex & Self-Care is a collaboration with Ev’Yan Whitney, host of The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast.  In this episode, Amory Jane and Ev’Yan chat about how their sex lives and intimate relationships have been impacted since the election and share their thoughts on self-care, sexual expression, body love, and resistance. They also take a live call from writer and “professional oversharer” Crista Anne. Trigger Warning: Trump, mentions of sexual abuse, discussions about trauma, mental health, and survival.


Episode 7: Sex & Depression This week’s guest – JoEllen Notte (The Redhead Bedhead) – describes sex and depression as “the intersection of two taboo topics.” Good thing Amory Jane and Intern Courtney have no problems discussing taboos! Instead, they open up and share firsthand accounts of living with mental illness and how kink and sex toys have helped them retain their sex lives during depressive episodes. On the second half of the show, JoEllen Notte dives into her research on depression and how mental illness and medication can impact our sex lives and our relationships. She also debunks depression myths, offers important advice for partners of people living with depression, and emphasizes how none of us are broken.


Episode 6: Polyamory Our sixth episode is on the topic of polyamory – the practice of having more than one romantic relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. This episode features candid and personal conversations between Amory Jane and her guests (Kevin Patterson of Poly Role Models and educator Annamarie Stockwell), from one polyamorous person to another. They talk about the real pros and cons of ethical non-monogamy, the heartbreaks, and how others have reacted to their non-traditional relationship styles. They also talk about intersectionality and feminism in polyamory (and about how intersectional feminism is often lacking in the media and greater polyamory communities).


Episode 5: Holiday Sex Toy Bonanza! In this extra special (and hilarious) 90 minute episode, sex toy experts EpiphoraDirty Lola, and Amory Jane drink mimosas and go through Epiphora’s bag of unique sex toys. They also swap stories, offer shopping ideas for the holidays, talk about sex toy classics (like the Njoy Pure Wand and Magic Wand) and definitely don’t hold back on which sex toys (and companies) leave something to be desired.

This episode is chock full of snark and silliness and is a fun listen for sex toy connoisseurs, retailers, and reviewers, as well as those who just want the inside scoop on the wide and often weird world of sex toys!


Episode 4: Sex & Cannabis Amory Jane reveals her true feelings about Mary Jane and shares some of her sexy dorky honest cannabis experiences with the show’s guests. She interviews Devan Anthony from Luminous Botanicals about running a cannabis business, getting high, the healing powers of CBD, and cannabis for sensual use. On the second half of the show, Ashley Manta smashes stoner stereotypes and talks about cannasexuality and how she came to be The CannasexualPlus, Amory Jane and Ashley geek out on hand jobs, terpenes, and cannabis lubricant.


Episode 3: Spanksgiving Certified Intimacy Educator Stella Harris shows us what’s in her toy bag and demonstrates proper spanking and hitting techniques on everyone in the studio. We also have an up close and personal interview with an experienced spanking bottom – sex educator Gretchen Leigh. This episode explores a fun and slightly different interview format (talking and spanking at the same time!) and features plenty of whacks for your auditory pleasure. Be sure to check out the Spanksgiving blog post for links and extra info about what was discussed in the episode.


Episode 2: Porn Adult performer/writer/wrestler Andre Shakti joins the show from California to talk about the porn industry and why Californians should vote no on Prop 60.  Model and queer porn performer, Valentine, tells us about her sexy adventures at Berlin Porn Film Festival and has an intimate conversation with Amory Jane and Intern Courtney about pornography, body image, Germany, and being slutty. They also share their favorite types of smut, what they like about queer and feminist porn, plus Amory Jane and Valentine go into detail on what it was like to create films for HUMP! Film Festival.


Episode 1: Sex-Positive Entertainment asks the question, “What does it mean to be sex positive?” and features comedian Bri Pruett and hip hop group Bomb Ass Pussy. In this episode, we discuss sex, dating, women in comedy, Peaches, Prince, astrology, gender, and our guests’ experiences as sex-positive entertainers. Intern Courtney also provides some quick tips for the bedroom and Amory Jane delivers a Lube 101 in her segment called “The Teach Around.”

Podcast Team

Host – Amory Jane

Sound Engineer – Mat Vuksinich

Intern/”Just the Tips” – Courtney Kist

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